Engineering Firm Develops Innovative Solution to Ensure Worker Safety in Manufacturing


An innovative engineer wanted to overcome design flaws and human obstacles to implement OSHA-required safety protools in a range of manufacturing environments. He needed to deeply understand the current practices, priorities, and pain points among diverse user groups–individuals who develop, review, administer, train, and/or interface with safety protocols directly or indirectly.


We provided insights based on comprehensive user and stakeholder experience, which guided the design and development of the new programmable digital safety system. Learning was based on findings from a national, mobile-friendly, web-based qual/quant survey.


Our solution . . . 

• Validated some and challenged other hypotheses about current safety protocols

• Differentiated priorities and pain points by user groups

• Clarified the importance and usefulness (utility and usability) of features and benefits of existing safety protocols

• Identified areas to evaluate for fail-safe integraton of people, process, and technology in the context of design thinking

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