We provide expertise in research design, project implementation, and deliverables to facilitate the integration of insights into growth initiatives.


Bottom Line Market Research & Consulting serves companies and organizations that seek expertise in the process of illuminating, transforming, and activating customer insights vital to innovation and growth. We enable our clients in a range of industries to make confident, often high-stakes, decisions based on a clear and deep understanding of diverse stakeholder experiences in the real world as complex human beings.

Our mission is to unlock what clients don't know about the customer journey, user experience, unmet needs, and changing marketplace dynamics.

Our team of experienced research practitioners delivers fresh, agile, meaningful answers to client questions in the context of their unique business situation and objectives.

We design and implement custom research solutions as well as fulfill specialized roles for in-house projects, such as moderating, interviewing or facilitating discovery or ideation. We are experienced using traditional, digital, and hybrid or mixed research methods in innovative ways.

Our strategic approach to business and marketing challenges ensures a successful project outcome. We:
1–Demonstrate our understanding of the client's industry and unique business issues
2–Clarify the actionable learning objectives of all client stakeholders
3–Choose the best methods and qualified sources to answer research questions
4–Deliver results with implications, supported by real-world data, and recommended actions to achieve ROI.

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