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International Focus Group Research

Market research agencies offering international focus group research. See companies that are able to conduct or coordinate focus group research outside their own country.

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Virtual IDIs, focus groups, online forums, private online communities, and mobile telephone and video research technologies to marketing researchers

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We help you listen to and observe customers and use the insights to build products, services, messages & experiences that are relevant and compelling.

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EFG Worldwide
EFG Worldwide

USA Full-service one-stop shop for Global quantitative and qualitative fieldwork insights. Top 25 Global Research Firm, large in-house capabilities.

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International Reach for Quality Sample

Ashley McAllister

In an ever expanding global consumer atmosphere, more companies are investing in market research to fulfil their international strategy needs. To meet these needs, we have expanded our international reach.

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Three Reasons to Leverage Online Focus Groups for Research Three Reasons to Leverage Online Focus Groups for Research

Doyle Research Associates

Traditional focus groups are time intensive, can be cost prohibitive, and don’t always give you a representative sampling. Online focus groups have gained quite a bit of traction over the past several years, providing opportunities that their traditional counterparts just can’t match.

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Rethinking Focus Group As Concept Development Tool Rethinking Focus Group As Concept Development Tool


This article shares insights on using focus groups for testing new products or ideas, detailing the characteristics of a well-organized focus group. Highlights include cultural context for moderating focus groups with participants from Asian countries.

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How to Craft Research for Japan; Culture Matters! How to Craft Research for Japan; Culture Matters!

SIS International Research

Many global research firms get trapped in a pitfall in designing the Japan leg of the global research project. "Consistent What and Differing How" is a norm one should always adhere to in global research projects that contain field research across many countries. More often than not, we need to adjust the specifics prescribed at the global level "What" to yield the best result from the research work in Japan. In this series of articles, I will shed a light on how we should deal with the "How" part of the norm to render the Japan leg most effective while keeping the "What" intact. Specifically, this article is about focus group research.

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