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ACUPOLL Precision Research

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ACUPOLL Transcends the Status Quo, helping clients discover, evaluate, and improve innovation and marketing more effectively with one-of-a-kind, more targeted, emotional, and actionable methodologies (often with results in as few as 4 days). New Spark Multi-Cognition Research goes beyond conscious ratings in traditional idea screeners to capture Impulse and Emotion as well, for more complete evaluation of early stage ideas, pain points, messages, and other short stimuli. Our innovation Concept Navigator methodology assesses passionate niche, premium, and disruptive initiatives – the 3 most important strategies for growth today – more effectively than traditional methods. It pinpoints specific competitive advantages, identifies the strongest message(s) when you have seconds in marketing to capture attention, and has helped four clients deliver Top 10 launches in the US last year. ACUPOLL pioneered qual-quant for the industry and our iterative live group sessions on iPads provide great insight for develop stronger ad campaigns, concepts, packaging and other initiatives. Read about our work helping Nestle choose and improve their 2016 Super Bowl ad for Butterfingers in Ad Age. Clients include more than two-thirds of the consumer-oriented firms in the Fortune 500 and 43 of the Top 100 U.S. Advertisers. We have built one of the largest innovation databases in the world, testing more than 50,000 ideas, ads, packages, and other initiatives across 35 countries.

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  • Data & Analytics
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From the blog: New Insights

Spark In-Market Validation

Last year, we unveiled Spark MCR's groundbreaking approach to more completely evaluate ideas than traditional surveys by capturing Impulse and Emotion, as well as conscious Reflection. Spark MCR is 2x more likely to capture consumers' "gut" reactions, and better discriminates across ideas to fin

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Differentiate or Disappear

The only way to escape the "competitive herd" and grow is to differentiate, yet many clients struggle to create unique ideas that people actually want. Here are 3 suggestions to ensure your innovation doesn't disappear in the crowd:

2 Minutes Can Change How You Do Research

While researchers strive to discover new insights and help companies make better decisions, there's often a missing step in the development process – between the Insight Phase and Validation Research – that sub-optimizes major initiatives. The ACUPOLL Live Qual-Quant iPad system is a unique tech

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