National Campaign Drives Awareness & Growth of Regional Contract Hospital Services


A leading regional physician partnership committed to grow its contract-based services for hospital staffing and management on a national level. The challenge was to identify, understand, and segment their target national market of hospital executives. Meeting the challenge would enable them to optimize their value proposition, tailor their messaging, and generate awareness among decision makers and influencers.  


We provided strategic and tactical direction for developing a branded marketing and PR campaign to support the business development team. We delivered implications and recommendations based on insights from customized, hybrid primary research.

  • First, we conducted telephone in-depth interviews (IDIs) with our client's internal business development stakeholders to understand their business, insights and challenges in selling B2B, high-stakes, multi-year contracts to hospitals and medical centers. We also conducted in-depth phone interviews with hospital executive decision makers to explore the breadth and depth of their institution's staffing challenges and procurement processes, and their individual mindsets and pain points that contract-based and other staffing solutions were designed to resolve.
  • Leveraging the IDIs, we integrated learning from both "seller" and "buyer" perspectives in the complex B2B relationship to create an executive-friendly national web-based survey. The survey generated baseline target market insight that both informed the Sales function and guided the development of a national PR campaign. For tracking, we identified key benchmarks to evaluate how effectively the campaign achieved brand awareness and business growth milestones over time, which provide client opportunities to assess and refine.    


The Client's executive, marketing, and business development teams immediately incorporated insights and recommendations from the research into their strategic plans and budget for 2016–17. In addition to providing strategic direction and support for the Client's national expansion, we approximated the Client's baseline level of national awareness, which they are highly motivated to grow. We will provide an update once the first tracking study is fielded. 

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