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RTi helps turn insight into action. We are an innovative, global full service market research company and for more than three decades, our clients have counted on us to connect the dots, tell the story and influence decisions. We are an AMA Gold Top 50 company and a four time winner of the CT Best Workplace Award. Through our extraordinarily talented, passionate, and dedicated team of more than 55 professionals, we provide unparalleled marketing-focused research and brand strategy services to the largest and most highly regarded brands and companies within their respective industries. In addition to our complete offering of traditional research tools and methods, RTi continuously develops specialized products leveraging technology, advances in data collection modes, and advanced analytics in support of increasingly complex business decisions being made in an increasingly complex business environment. Clients begin working with us because they seek higher level, more insightful thinking and more attentive service from a research partner that understands what it takes to support their personal success as well as their company’s. Clients stay with us because we deliver.

  • AMA (United States)
  • ESOMAR (International)
Company type:
  • Consulting Services
  • Full Service Market Research
  • Quantitative Research Services
(203) 324-2420
(203) 964-8269
383 Main Avenue
Suite 706
Norwalk, Connecticut, 06851
United States of America
Metropolitan Area:
New York (NY--NJ--CT)
Countries where research is conducted:
United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, China, India, Germany, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey
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Products (5)

ProductImage BrandStar(sm)

RTi’s BrandStar™ model is a structured way to think about your brand — it is the roadmap providing direction for all other marketing elements. We use our BrandStar model as a basis of facilitated strategic brand development sessions with our clients and as a foundation of our own thinking about our clients’ brands. In most cases, developing a BrandStar brand strategy is a two-step process: 1. RTi works in partnership with our clients to develop a hypothesized BrandStar model, to understand all brand elements as defined by the end customer. 2. RTi conducts primary research to revise and confirm the hypothesized BrandStar strategy. The confirmed strategy then becomes the foundation that drives all marketing activities. Your brand is an intricate relationship among many different factors and attributes. RTi’s BrandStar model provides the structure for piecing together these elements and developing a coherent and effective brand strategy.

ProductImage RTi Construction Test

RTi Construction Test is our innovative, proprietary research tool that simultaneously optimizes all components of a new product efficiently and effectively. RTi’s Construction Test… • Provides an in-depth and holistic understanding of how the product components (taste, packaging, label graphics, brand name, etc.) work together — a superior approach to concept/product development • Is powered by an innovative use of proven Discrete Choice methods • Adds value by asking respondents to “construct” their ideal product within the test • Can be conducted in-person to include product taste, as well as to allow consumers to touch and feel packaging prototypes • Provides significant ROI by replacing the need for a separate product test by Including standard monadic taste test matrix, if needed and full product testing analytics • Culminates with a powerful and easy to use Excel-based simulator to allow for additional “what- if” calculations

ProductImage RTi Pathways

Pathways™ is a powerful quant/qual technique that provides a significant number of quantitative interviews plus one or more focus groups to be completed in just two hours. Usually multiple Pathways™ sessions are conducted (same day or across multiple days) to allow for iterative learning and larger sample sizes. A large group of respondents (usually between 35 and 75) are recruited to attend a live session where they spend about an hour responding to questions using wireless audience response technology in a classroom style setting. Based on their responses during the quant session, a smaller subset of respondents is selected to participate in a focus group that is conducted immediately after. Key benefits of RTi Pathways™ include: • Speed & Immediacy • Clarity • Richness & Depth • Flexibility • Comprehensive

ProductImage RTi Portfolio Manager

RTi’s Portfolio Manager™ breaks through the often indecisive results of a traditional TURF line optimization approach. Our unique survey instrument feeds into a powerful analytic model resulting in relative volume estimates being produced for each and every possible line combination. And, of course, a volume estimate is a much better directional indicator of potential units sold and line profitability than a simple “reach” proportion. Unique benefits of RTi’s Portfolio Manager include: • Relative volume modeling, which provides estimates to measure the business potential of multiple line configurations • Our metric, Relative Volume Opportunity, considers bothincrementality and cannibalization to arrive at net potential RTi’s Portfolio Manager has been used to solve for a full spectrum of challenges, including: • Which are the greatest opportunity varieties to add to the line? • Is a line better off with two new varieties or de-listing a current offering and adding three new varieties? • What are the best line solutions for a 12-product line made up of four products each from the three sublines? • Are there different line solutions for different channels? Different regions?

ProductImage RTi Ingenuity

RTi Ingenuity accelerates innovation. Rather than trying to squeeze creativity and fresh ideas from traditional consumers or internal cross-functional teams, which are so often ineffective, RTi provides exclusive access to highly specialized global panels of brilliant and creative geniuses from leading high IQ societies around the world who push the thinking much further than traditional survey participants. These unique panels were built for the sole purpose of developing creative and innovative solutions to our clients' most complex marketing challenges. Our panelists think deeper, broader, and faster; they connect the dots where others don't. These creative geniuses act more like consultants than research respondents, bringing fresh ideas from outside your category and leveraging their broader knowledge base as they complete online “challenges” to activate ideation and steer innovation.


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